Jack Haas, CEO of Custom Curb, Inc.

Why Choose Custom Curb Inc?

Thank you for considering Custom Curb for manufacturing your Metal Building roof curbs, skylights, walks, vents, hatches and more.  My staff and I are glad you’re here to learn more about us.  Below are some of the highlights about our company that make us one of the top choices in the western United States.

Fabricating custom metal building materials for over 25 years

Custom Curb started business out in Chattanooga, Tennessee many years ago and has moved closer to our many western U.S. customers in 2010.  We’ve become the trusted fabricator for metal building suppliers and owners all over the western states.

We specialize in aluminum fabrication

While, we can fabricate using any metal for you, unlike most of our competitors, we specialize in aluminum fabrication for custom curbs, vents, hatches and more.  The benefits of aluminum metal building accessories for you are:

  • More durable and longer lasting
  • It’s lighter which is critical for metal roof construction
  • Resists corrosion and does not rust
  • Aluminum is simply best for buildings that require 20 weather-tightness warranty

Serving all Western United States

We are located in the Southern California county of Ventura, which is just north of the Los Angeles area.  From our location we provide great service to California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon,  and Washington.

All Custom Curb products come with a 10-year warranty

Because of the quality of handcrafted workmanship with all of our products and the materials we use, we provide you with a full 10 year warranty from defects in workmanship on all of our products.  That’s quality you can depend on and trust for many years to come.