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About Custom Curb, Inc.

We are a USA-based custom metal fabrication company specializing in high-quality custom curbs and many other products for metal buildings and metal roofing.  We are based in Ventura County, which is in Southern California.  We are the top choice for the Western United States.

We offer a wide variety of metal building products and accessories

Our Fabrication Capabilities

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We offer a full complement of fabrication for metal building accessories and products.  Here are some of the highlights of those capabilities:

Specialize in Aluminum Fabrication

We have the capability to fabricate metal building products in any metal you choose, however, we specialize in aluminum. Our clients have found that aluminum products are more durable, last longer, don’t rust and are lighter.

Wide Variety of Metal Building Accessories

We fabricate numerous product categories to your specific metal building requirements.  Custom roof curbs, gravity vents, skylights, roof walkways, wall louvers, roof hatches, access ladders, industrial fans, smoke vents and more.

Custom Fabrication to your Metal Building and Specs

We can configure your products to the exact type of metal building roofing or siding you need and to your exact dimensions.  That’s what we specialize in!