Metal Building Rotary Gravity Vent
Metal Building Gravity Vents

Fabricated gravity ventilators to your metal roof and specs

No matter which type of metal roofing you have, we can fabricate a custom curb and ventilator to your exact needs.

Standard fabrication specifications:

  • Heavy Duty ball bearings on sizes 16-48
  • Self lubricating nylon bearings on sizes 6-14
  • Double cap assures extra strength
  • Locked on rotor mechanism prevents loss or damage in high winds
  • Corrugated vanes provide more strength and stability
  • Lower bearings are oil impregnated sintered-type which assures quite operation
  • Sealed bearing housing excludes dust, grit and foreign matter and retains lubrication.
  • Mill finish zinc-aluminum construction on sizes 6-24, grey polyurethane coating on over G90, Galvanized Material on sizes 30-48
  • Pitch Corrected to provide a level top

We offer several styles of gravity vents to integrate into your buildings’ ventilation requirements. Call us today to see how we can help you get the best venting system for your existing or new ventilation system.

Available Options

  • Model B Base
  • Model C Flat Collar Base
  • Unit Disc Damper
  • Bird screen
  • Insect Screen
  • Air Dry Enamel

Clients Testimonials

Mark B.
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"I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Custom Curb. They fabricated customized products for my metal construction project, and the final result exceeded all my expectations. The team was professional, efficient, and delivered on time. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking quality and precision."
Brian H.
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"Custom Curb is an exceptional company when it comes to custom fabrication for metal buildings and roofs. They understood my needs perfectly and provided high-quality products. The team's work was impeccable, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I will not hesitate to hire them again."
James B.
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"Hiring Custom Curb was the best decision I made for my construction project. They were able to create customized products that fit my needs perfectly. The quality and durability of the products are exceptional. I am impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of the team."
Lisa J.
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"Custom Curb was amazing in every aspect. They understood exactly what I needed for my metal roof and delivered a high-quality product. Additionally, the team was very attentive and helpful at every step of the process. I highly recommend Custom Curb to everyone seeking customized solutions for their constructions."

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