Roof Walks

Roof Walks

roof walks Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023
Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 56
Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 57

Fabricated Custom metal building walkways to your specs

No matter which type of metal roofing you have, we can fabricate a metal roof walkway to your exact needs.

Standard fabrication specifications:
  • 18 Gauge galvanized steel
  • Secure mounting using aluminum clamping blocks for standing seam roofs
  • Standard widths of 24 Inch, 36 inch, or any width in multiples of 12 inches
  • 16 or 14 gauge material
  • Pitch Corrected to provide a level top
  • Handrail system

Walking on unprotected roof panels and seams can greatly increase the chances of a worker accidentally damaging or otherwise compromising the integrity of your roof. Installing a safe, lightweight interlocking roof walk system is an effective way to prevent costly damage to your roof that can lead to even more damaging leaks.

Our roof walk system is designed to run in any direction across the roof, and is constructed of galvanized steel to be maintenance-free for the long life of the product. We have a number of different standard sizes available and also have systems designed for both light and high traffic pathways. Contact us with your specific needs so we can develop the right solution for you.

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Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 58

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