Smoke Vents

Smoke Vents

Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 33
smoke vents Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023
Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 54

UL Listed Smoke Vent Hatches

We fabricate UL Listed smoke vent hatches to your metal roof type, slope and exact specifications.

  • Single or double dome, solid lid
  • Internal and external release
  • Multiple temperature fusible links available

When firefighters arrive on the scene of a building fire, the first thing they do is cut holes in the roof to let the heat and smoke out of the building to speed up putting the fire out. Even though this method does help save the building, it leaves large open holes in the roof that are costly and difficult to repair, and could leave your roof integrity compromised even after they are repaired. Our automatic smoke vents are designed to open when the heat at the vent exceeds a specified temperature, allowing heat, smoke, and toxic gasses to escape unhindered. Our vents are also easily replaceable in the event that a fire necessitates their automatic use, saving you a costly repair bill and ensuring that your roof remains leak-free after a fire. Our smoke vents include all of the standard and OSHA compliant hardware, and quick-releases. We also include shock absorbers for controlled opening of the vents. Also available are smoke vents that release via low temperature melting plastic, these vents are as easily replaceable as the mechanical units, but utilize fewer moving parts.The International Fire Code specifies the number of vents that are to be provided per interior area and also establishes other regulations affecting the installation of smoke vents and other fire prevention equipment, so make sure to contact us today to tell us your needs and how our smoke vents can help ensure your building’s safety.

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Model S-ULSV-CM-SPW-MF Skypro Single Dome Dual Lid Smoke Vent
Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 53
Model CMB12-SS Standing Seam Loose Contours Under/Over
Metal Building Roof Curbs and Accessories - 2023 - 53

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