Why choosing the right metal roofing materials is critical.

Why choosing the right metal roofing materials is critical.

Installing and using a metal roof for your commercial or residential building can be complicated. It does
require a clear understanding of what products are best for your metal roof.
One mistake many roofers and individuals make when installing a metal roof is using products that could
cause the roof to rust.
Or perhaps they don’t use products that could help prevent rust.
This includes not covering the metal with a protective coating. This coating creates a barrier between
metal and water, preventing iron oxidation.
Protecting your roof is critical if you want to avoid rust and prevent premature aging of your roof.
By buying roofing material that is rust-free or protected, you’re setting your roof up for success.
Choosing the right roofing substrate is important.
The most popular metal roofing products are galvanized substrate which are coated with zinc and
At Custom Curb Inc, unlike most of our competitors, we specialize in aluminum fabrication for custom
curbs, vents, hatches and more, with a 10-year warranty that assures the best durability and quality
possible for your roof.

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