The Pros and Cons of Using Different Materials for Your Smoke Hatch

The Pros and Cons of Using Different Materials for Your Smoke Hatch

If you own a commercial or industrial building, you’ll be held to higher fire-building safety codes than residential homeowners. One of these requirements will be using a smoke hatch.

Understanding Smoke Hatches/Vents

Ventilating smoke is important if you have flammable materials within your building. This allows you to release smoke, heat, and even poisonous gasses to prevent them from overtaking your building. OSHA requires commercial buildings to have a proper ventilation system if the building contains hazardous gasses, etc. 

For this reason, the quality of the material used for a smoke hatch is so significant. As custom metal fabricators, we offer multiple materials for your smoke hatch. However, all of ours are made from the highest quality materials available. 

For smoke vents, we typically recommend choosing galvanized steel or aluminum for commercial or industrial buildings. We offer unique features with our smoke vents to ensure the complete safety of your building. 

Stainless steel is always an option, as well. However, galvanized steel has a leg up because its inner layer is coated with zinc to prevent corrosion. Aluminum is also coated with zinc. Galvanized steel is the most common material for metal roofs and their accessories (i.e., smoke hatches). It can be a better fit than aluminum if you’re on a budget. 

At Custom Curb, we offer automatic smoke vents designed to open when temperatures exceed safe levels near the vent. This allows smoke, heat, and toxic gasses to escape the building easily. Our vents are also OSHA-compliant and come with quick releases. 

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