The Evolution of Metal Building Accessories: How Custom Curb Is Shaping the Future

The Evolution of Metal Building Accessories: How Custom Curb Is Shaping the Future

From cave enclosures to thatched roofs to quality aluminum and steel, building accessories have changed with the innovation that metal has allowed. Custom Curb, Inc. can help you improve your building’s natural lighting, add required safety features to your roof, or customize your other roof accessories

The Custom Curb Difference 

Allow our expert team to help you fabricate the perfect metal building backed by our 10-year warranty. Through innovative technology and 25 years of experience, our company has established modern roofing solutions. 

We build our customized roof curbs and accessories to carry your workspace into the future. Here are the features that set our products apart from other metal fabrication companies:   

Roof Curbs 

  • Crafted of .080 aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel 
  • Pitch-corrected to provide a level top
  • Made of all-welded construction
  • Includes upslope flange “under” loose contours and cricket
  • Includes downslope “over” loose contours
  • Available in various heights 
  • Available in various top flange widths
  • Available in various sizes of side flanges 


  • Crafted of .080 aluminum
  • Made of all-welded construction
  • Available in unlimited sizes
  • Available in any curb configuration 
  • Leak-free 

Roof Walks

  • Crafted of 18 gauge, galvanized steel
  • Available alternatives of 16 or 14 gauge material
  • Available in standard widths of 24 inches and 36 inches or any width in multiples of 12 inches
  • Includes secure mounting using aluminum clamping blocks for standing seam roofs
  • Pitch-corrected to provide a level top
  • Available option of handrail system
  • Maintenance-free for the life of the product 
  • Available in systems designed for both light- and high-traffic pathways 

Smoke Vents

  • Designed to open automatically when specified temperature exceeded
  • Available with multiple temperature fusible links 
  • Vent heat, smoke, and toxic gasses 
  • Include all standard OSHA-complaint hardware 
  • Follow regulations for International Fire Code specifications
  • Include internal and external quick-releases
  • Include shock absorbers for controlled vent opening 
  • Available in single or double dome with solid lid
  • Available with fewer moving parts with low-temperature-melting plastic releases  
  • Fabricated to match your roof type, slope, and exact specifications 
  • Easily replaceable if fire damaged 
  • Leak-free 

Industrial Fans

  • Ensure cleaner air 
  • Remove light contaminants
  • Designed against seismic activity 
  • Include energy-efficient, variable motors
  • Include belt drive and direct drive options 
  • Control emergency smoke 
  • Uses high wind settings 
  • Available in variable volumes 
  • Meet general and industrial standards for both intake and exhaust
  • Discharge contaminated or kitchen-waste air and smoke
  • Provide attic ventilation of warm air to assist in rapid, efficient cooling 
  • Offered in advanced-engineered upblast fans for quick dispersal of exhaust air 

Access Ladders

Available in Many Options 

  • Lengths from 3’3″ to 29’3″
  • Heavy-duty, one-piece welded assemblies
  • Modular fixed ladders with sub-assemblies no longer than 7’ sections
  • Fixed steel ladders
  • Inside and outside mounting
  • Walk-through handrails
  • Safety cage ladders
  • Hot-dip galvanized finish or stainless steel construction 

Included Construction Features 

  • Side members are 1/4″ x 2″ x 2″ steel angles.
  • Climbing rungs are 3/4″ corrugated steel, round rungs spaced on 12″ centers.
  • Stand off brackets are 7″.
  • Gray, powder-coat finish is the standard color. Yellow is available.

Available as Fixed Ladders with Safety Cages 

  • Standard fixed steel ladders are combined with safety cage protection.
  • They are available in 10’ through 29’ sizes that are ideal for hatch-way or side-step landing access.
  • Cage Features:
    • OSHA design safety cages have flared bottom openings for easy entry.
    • Left or right side-step access cage designs are available at no charge.
    • Cage begins 7’ from the bottom of the ladder.
    • Gray, powder-coat finish is standard. Yellow is available.

Wall Louvers 

  • Allow ventilation requirements for improved fresh air movement 
  • Reduce energy consumption by reducing heat transfer and electric light usage
  • Made of quality, durable materials to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Available in any paint color 
  • Available in various metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel
  • Available in many styles, including formed, stationary, extruded, or adjustable 
  • Customized to the perfect size and orientation to fit building design and specifications 
  • Leak-free

Roof & Equipment Hatches 

  • Crafted of .080 aluminum
  • Include heavy-duty interior/exterior opening device with padlock provisions
  • Include gas-spring operators
  • Include insulated lid with 22 gauge liner
  • Include heavy-duty hinges
  • Crafted with insulated, 14 gauge non-pitched galvanized steel curbs
  • Made of all-welded curb construction 
  • Available in various opening sizes

Gravity Vents 

  • Include heavy-duty ball bearings in sizes 16-48
  • Include self-lubricating, nylon bearings in sizes 6-14
  • Assured extra strength from double cap 
  • Contains locked-on rotor mechanism to prevent loss or damage in high winds
  • Corrugated vanes provide more strength and stability
  • Assured quiet operation through lower bearings of oil-impregnated, sintered type 
  • Sealed bearing housing excludes dust, grit, and foreign matter and retains lubrication
  • Mill-finish zinc-aluminum construction in sizes 6-24, 
  • Gray, polyurethane coating on over G90 
  • Galvanized material on sizes 30-48
  • Pitch-corrected to provide level top

Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication

Custom Curb, Inc. assures the use of advanced technology that suits our modern age. For any customized job you need, we deliver quality installations every time. Don’t deal with building issues of the past. Let us solve your building’s faults with high-tech solutions. 

With 25 years of experience, Custom Curb, Inc. is the best custom metal roof fabricator in the Western United states. Our modern, quality products stand up to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  

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