Maximizing Building Efficiency: Adding a Roof Hatch with Access Solutions

Maximizing Building Efficiency: Adding a Roof Hatch with Access Solutions

Enhancing Your Building with High-Quality Roofing and Access Solutions

Ensuring your building is equipped with high-quality roofing and access products is essential for both safety and functionality. In this Custom Curb, Inc. blog, we will discuss the various hatch roofing and access solutions we have available, including roof hatches, skylights, and access ladders, focusing on their functionality and benefits. We’ll also explore specific Custom Curb products that have improvements over the roof hatches Bilco have and how they can improve building operations.

1. Roof Hatch


Roof hatches are essential for providing safe and easy access to the roof for maintenance and other purposes. They are designed to ensure safety, durability, and convenience, making them ideal for commercial and industrial buildings.

Safety Features: 

  • Roof hatch safety rails
  • Roof hatch guardrails
  • Lockable latches
  • Safety chains

Our hatches are equipped with roof hatch safety rails and roof hatch guardrails to prevent falls. Options like roof hatches Bilco have include features such as lockable latches and safety chains, which add an extra layer of security. These safety measures are crucial in minimizing the risk of accidents, ensuring that personnel can perform their tasks without concern for their safety.


Designed with ladders and built-in steps, our hatch roof options facilitate easy access to the roof, accommodating various building requirements. Whether the building is a large industrial complex or a smaller commercial property, the design ensures that anyone needing to access the roof can do so with ease and efficiency. The built-in steps and ladders are crafted to provide sturdy and reliable support, making the ascent and descent both safe and convenient.

Key Considerations:

Dimensions and Sizes: 

Understanding the hatch roofing dimensions and sizes is crucial for selecting the right fit for your building’s design. The correct dimensions ensure that the hatch integrates seamlessly with the existing structure, providing a functional and aesthetic solution. It is advisable to speak to Custom Curb, Inc.’s design experts to ensure you have the perfect hatch design plans tailored to your specific needs.

Material and Finish: 

Our hatch roofing options are available in different materials, such as galvanized steel or aluminum, ensuring durability against harsh weather conditions. Galvanized steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage, making it a robust choice for demanding environments. Aluminum, on the other hand, provides a lightweight yet strong alternative, ideal for buildings where weight considerations are paramount. Both materials are designed to withstand the elements, providing long-term durability and minimal maintenance.

Integration with Skylights: 

Some of our hatch roof choices come with skylights, enhancing natural light while maintaining structural integrity. The integration of skylights not only improves the lighting within the building but also contributes to energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting. These skylights are designed to be robust and secure, ensuring that they do not compromise the structural integrity of the roof. They provide an elegant solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them a valuable addition to any building.

2. Ladder Access


Ladder access solutions are crucial for providing safe and reliable entry points to rooftops and elevated areas. These roof hatch ladders are designed to meet safety standards and ensure easy access.

Safety Compliance: 

  • Comply with OSHA standards 
  • Provide secure grip
  • Provide stability 

We ensure that your access roof hatch ladder systems comply with OSHA standards and provide secure grip and stability. This compliance guarantees that the ladders are built to the highest safety specifications, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring that all personnel can access rooftops safely. Our ladders are designed with anti-slip rungs and sturdy handrails to provide maximum stability and grip during use. These features are essential for preventing slips and falls, making our ladders a reliable choice for any building.

Customization Options: 

We have various designs of hatch roofing available, from straight ladders to safety cages, tailored to specific building needs. Custom Curb, Inc. understands that each building has unique requirements, and our customization options ensure that you get a ladder system that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you need a ladder for a small commercial building or a large industrial facility, we can design and manufacture a solution that meets your specifications. Our safety cages add an extra layer of protection, enclosing the ladder and preventing falls, which is particularly beneficial for buildings with high rooftop access points.

Key Considerations:

Material Choices: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel

Each roof access hatch option offers unique benefits in terms of durability and maintenance. Speak to a Custom Curb expert to determine the best choice for your building. 

Installation Ease: 

Custom Curb, Inc. has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the ease of installation and integration with your existing building structures. Our ladders are designed for quick and straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and disruption to your operations. Our expert team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during installation, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

3. Ship Stair Access


Ship stair access solutions are designed to provide safe and convenient access to elevated areas, particularly in buildings requiring robust and secure stairways. These stairs are ideal for commercial and industrial settings where frequent access to upper levels is necessary. Whether it’s for maintenance, inspection, or operational purposes, ship stairs offer a reliable and efficient way to move between floors.


Built to withstand heavy use, our ship stair access is made from durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability. Our stairs are constructed using high-quality steel or aluminum, which can endure constant traffic and harsh environmental conditions without deteriorating. This durability means less frequent replacements and lower long-term maintenance costs, providing a cost-effective solution for your building.

Design Flexibility: 

Available in various configurations, we can customize your ship stair access to fit the architectural design and safety standards of the building. Whether you need a straight flight, switchback, or spiral staircase, we can design and fabricate a solution that meets your specific needs. Our customization options also include various widths, step heights, and railing designs to ensure that the stairs integrate seamlessly with your building’s layout and aesthetic.

Key Considerations:

Load-Bearing Capacity: 

We will ensure that the stair access system meets the required load-bearing capacity and safety standards. This ensures that the stairs remain stable and secure under all operating conditions, providing peace of mind and enhancing safety for users.

Safety Features: 

  • Handrails
  • Non-slip treads
  • Secure landing platforms 

4. Service Stair Access


Custom Curb, Inc.’s service stair access solutions are designed for maintenance and service personnel, providing a safe and efficient way to access different levels of a building. These stairs are essential in environments where regular access to equipment, machinery, or elevated workspaces is required. They facilitate routine inspections, repairs, and other maintenance tasks, ensuring that personnel can perform their duties without unnecessary risks or delays.

Ergonomic Design: 

  • Handrails
  • Slip-resistant treads
  • Secure landings

Space Optimization: 

Our stairs are designed to maximize space, making them ideal for areas with limited space.

  • Compact Design: We offer designs that fit snugly into tight spaces without compromising functionality or safety. This is particularly useful in industrial or commercial buildings where floor space is at a premium.
  • Customizable Layouts: Depending on your building’s configuration, we can design service stairs that navigate around existing structures and obstacles, ensuring efficient use of available space.

Key Considerations:

Material Selection: 

  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum

Compliance with Standards: We ensure that the service stair access complies with local building codes and safety regulations.

  • Building Codes: Our design team is well-versed in local and national building codes, ensuring that every stair installation meets the required standards. This compliance is crucial for obtaining building permits and avoiding potential legal issues.
  • Safety Regulations: Beyond basic building codes, our service stairs are designed to meet or exceed industry-specific safety standards, such as those set by OSHA. This includes ensuring proper dimensions, handrail heights, tread designs, and load-bearing capacities.

Prioritize Safety 

Don’t compromise on safety and functionality for your building’s access needs. Contact Custom Curb, Inc. today to explore our range of top-quality roof hatches, ladders, and access solutions. Our expert team is ready to help you select the best products tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring compliance with safety standards and enhancing the efficiency of your building’s operations.

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