Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

Ventilation Fans
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Roof and Wall Mounted Intake or Exhaust Fans

Custom Curb offers products from top USA manufacturers of industrial exhaust fans.  Coupled with our custom curbs for your metal building or roof, we provide you with cost-effective fan solutions to properly serve your intake and exhaust fan needs.

We provide roof and wall mounted fans to meet general and industrial standards for both intake and exhaust. We have fans that are designed to discharge contaminated or kitchen waste air and smoke as well as fans that provide attic ventilation of warm air to assist in rapid, efficient cooling of a space. We offer advanced engineered upblast fans for quick dispersal of exhaust air high above the building, to prevent exhaust from re-entering the building through any windows or intake fans.

  • General Clean Air
  • Light Contaminants
  • Seismic
  • Energy Efficient Variable Motors
  • Belt Drive and Direct Drive
  • Emergency Smoke Control
  • High Wind
  • Variable Volume

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