How sub-framing supports your roof

How sub-framing supports your roof

What You Should Know About Sub-Framing

One of the structural components of a metal roof is sub-framing.
Sub-framing supports your metal roof and ensures you get the best outcome in the long-term.
There are two reasons why sub-framing is important:

  1. It is the base for your metal roof as the roofing components are attached to it and fasteners and
    clips are used to secure it in place.
  2. It is a structural component that transfers the weight of both live and dead loads to supporting

Not sure which type of sub-framing is right for you?
The first step is to figure out the geometry of your roof.
For example, for flat-roofs there is one common recommendation which is light-gauge steel framing. For
existing sloped roofs, there are multiple sub-framing assemblies. However, you’ll want to make sure that
your sub-framing is code-compliant, which is where this can get complicated.
At Custom Curb, we’re dedicated to providing sub-framing structural products that make your roof
safer, stronger, and last longer.

To learn more about our sub-framing products, contact our team at Custom Curb, today!

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