Client Voices: Discovering the Custom Curb Difference through their Stories

Client Voices: Discovering the Custom Curb Difference through their Stories

In the competitive world of custom metal roof fabrication, experience, quality, and trust are paramount. With over 25 years of experience serving contractors, builders, mechanical engineers, and metal building manufacturers, Custom Curb has consistently delivered confident solutions. 

Our complete line of roof products and accessories proudly bears the mark of American integrity and ingenuity. We understand the importance of timeliness in your projects, offering the fastest turnaround possible across the Western United States. What’s more, we stand behind our work with a 10-year warranty, and we’re proud to be a veteran-owned and operated company.

Stories of Success

James B. – 5 Stars

James B. rated us five stars and shared, “Hiring Custom Curb was the best decision I made for my construction project. They were able to create customized products that fit my needs perfectly. The quality and durability of the products are exceptional. I am impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism of the team.”

Lisa J. – 5 Stars

Lisa J. also gave us a five-star rating and said, “Custom Curb was amazing in every aspect. They understood exactly what I needed for my metal roof and delivered a high-quality product. Additionally, the team was very attentive and helpful at every step of the process. I highly recommend Custom Curb to everyone seeking customized solutions for their constructions.”

Mark B. – 5 Stars

Mark B. shared his satisfaction, stating, “I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Custom Curb. They fabricated customized products for my metal construction project, and the final result exceeded all my expectations. The team was professional, efficient, and delivered on time. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking quality and precision.”

Brian H. – 5 Stars

Brian H. echoed the sentiment, saying, “Custom Curb is an exceptional company when it comes to custom fabrication for metal buildings and roofs. They understood my needs perfectly and provided high-quality products. The team’s work was impeccable, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I will not hesitate to hire them again.”

We Are Committed to Quality 

At Custom Curb, we take immense pride in our work and the trust our clients place in us. These testimonials reflect our commitment to delivering outstanding, customized solutions for your metal roof fabrication needs. Whether you’re a contractor, builder, mechanical engineer, or metal building manufacturer, we’re here to bring your visions to life with quality, precision, and unmatched professionalism.

Thank you to James B., Lisa J., Mark B., and Brian H. for sharing their experiences with Custom Curb. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients and delivering excellence in every project we undertake.

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